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In active development

Akte is in active development, it's usable (this website is built with Akte), however, consider pinning the patch version before using.

A minimal static site (and file) generator.

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Akte offers a lightweight API to generate files (e.g. /about, /sitemap.xml, /post/:slug, etc.) that is portable and capable to run in various environments.

Minimal and flexible

Akte template literals-based rendering lets you perform any kind of string manipulation when rendering files.

Vite integration

Take advantage of Vite development server and assets processing pipeline to enrich your app.

Serverless ready

Import your Akte app on your serverless handlers and run it intuitively.

Programmatic API

Manipulate your app with fine-grain control through Akte programmatic API.

Controllable data cascade

Control data globally and on a per-file basis with single-file optimization available.

TypeScript supercharged

Types are inferred in most cases and controllable easily to prevent errors.

Tiny install, 600kB

Ensures fast installs and setup, see on Package Phobia.

Portable, 6kB bundle size

Akte is fully tree-shakeable allowing for smooth runs in constrained environments, see on Bundle Phobia.


Akte is German for "file", it is pronounced [ˈaktə]. While "Datei" is more commonly used in German when referring to a computer file, I preferred "Akte". It ain't a democracy!